Masters on Stage Records


Jaan Rääts - Composer

Jaan Rääts (1932) is an Estonian composer with varied repertoire from Symphonies, Chamber music, Film music and Piano Music. His Piano oeuvre contains 10 Sonatas, Many cycles of 24 pieces: Preludes op. 33, Estonian Preludes op 80, Marginalien, Bagatellen, Light Pieces, Travel Book.

Urmas Sisask - Composer

Urmas Sisask (born 9 September 1960 in Rapla ) is an Estonian composer. One of the major inspirations for his music is astronomy. Based on the constellations of the planets in our solar system, he created the "planetal scale", similar to as the Japanese Kumayoshi mode, which is also known as the Japanese pentatonic scale. Much of what Sisask composes, including many Choral and Piano works, is sacred music.

Robert Quodbach - Composer

Robert Quodbach (1963-1994) was a Dutch composer, who unfortunately died at a young age of 31. His relatively small oeuvre contains a unique personal and emotional style. His style can be called 'Post classical', consisting of Classical, Pop and Minimal music elements.

Valery Zhelobinsky (Valary Jelobinsky) - Composer

Valery Zhelobinsky (Tambov, 1913 – Leningrad, 1946)
Almost forgotten Russian composer studied and lived during his short life in Leningrad. He composed three Piano Concertos and several Operas. Shostakovich praised Zhelobinsky highly.

Eduard Oja - Composer

Eduard Oja (1905, Tartu county – 1950, Tallinn) is an Estonian Romantic, Expressionist composer. Much of his oeuvre was destroyed during the 2nd WW. His small Piano oeuvre contain some beautiful expressive slow pieces. Besides of being a composer, Eduard Oja was also active as a conductor, music critic and teacher. He was one of the most innovative and most vivid personalities in Estonian musical life at his time.