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Leningrad 1934 24 preludes by Zhelobinsky & Shostakovich

by Jeroen Riemsdijk, Piano

Released 03/24/2017
Masters on Stage
Released 03/24/2017
Masters on Stage
Leningrad 1934
Valery Zhelobinsky (Valary Jelobinsky) 24 Preludes opus 20 (1934) Premiere Recording
Dmitri Shostakovich 24 Preludes opus 34 (1934)
Jeroen Riemsdijk, Piano
Catalogue no: MOS1704 (51'24)
Valery Zhelobinsky (Tambov, 1913 – Leningrad, 1946) is an almost forgotten Russian composer studied and lived during his short life in Leningrad. He composed three Piano Concertos and several Operas. Shostakovich praised Zhelobinsky highly.
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906, Sint-Petersburg-1975, Moskou)
The preludes are small works of a brilliant composer, who infused them with sarcasm, irony and explosive grotesque moments. Nevertheless the Preludes are full of dynamic subtleties in the softer parts and therefore as well the lyrical character could be emphasized.